This is a new kind of electric violin for live performance inspired by the organic beauty of wood, simple clean lines, and lightweight comfort. Its three-dimensional structure is designed to look beautiful on stage as the smooth lines connecting the front and back inspire both the player and the audience with different silhouettes from every angle. The essential elements of an acoustic violin are preserved to ensure comfortable playability. By matching creative designs to players’ diverse performing styles Yamaha aims to deliver new possibilities for musical expression.

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Hamamatsu, Japan

A music and sounds activity based company, which produces musical instruments, audio equipment, electronic devices and other equipment, services and facilities for enjoying life since 1889. With five design principles: Integrity, Innovative, Aesthetic, Unobtrusive and Social Responsibility, Yamaha Design Laboratory evolves instrument for sound and music. We continue to deepen and define our pursuit of the essence that is at the heart of Yamaha’s unique qualities.





Images courtesy of Yamaha