The Vamp

Paul Cocksedge
The Vamp - Product Shots

The Vamp transforms any speaker into a portable Bluetooth speaker so it can be used anywhere. It retains the craftsmanship and quality of well-made speakers whilst embracing new wireless technology. Since its successful launch on Kickstarter in 2013, over 10,000 have been sold worldwide and it won awards including the 2014 Homes & Gardens Designer Award. The Vamp Stereo is currently running a Kickstarter campaign for a launch in March 2017. The new version allows you to connect it to two speakers for louder sound and stereo separation.

_Paul Cocksedge ©Dylan_ThomasPaul Cocksedge
London, UK

London-based Paul Cocksedge Studio is the internationally acclaimed design practice of directors Paul Cocksedge and Joana Pinho. With over 10 years experience the practice has developed a unique reputation for thoroughly original and innovative design, underpinned by research into the limits of technology and materials. Their catalogue includes an imaginative range of design products, architectural projects and sculptures, all infused with the sense of simplicity, joy and wonder that has come to characterise Paul Cocksedge’s work.



Photography by Mark Cocksedge