Tactile Sound

Jeongwon Ji

Tactile Sound is a vibration speaker with a volume controller that equates texture with sound: the glossy surface equates to loudness while the matt side is quieter. A 14 different graded textures, from highly polished to ultra-matt, is laser etched on aluminium to create an intuitive visual and tactile indicator to control a speaker’s volume, or switch it on or off, without any digital interface.

Jeongwon Ji
London, UK

Jeongwon Ji studied Design Products at the Royal College of Art graduating in 2013. Her graduate project BioElectric used unwanted crab shells to make a bioplastic, challenging the archetypes of electronics and perfected chemical-free slow production methods to result in tactile and organic forms of casing electronics. The project was nominated for the Materials Innovation Fellowship from UK Arts Foundation. With her passion for materials, she is currently working at Chris Lefteri Design, running collaborative CMF projects with world-leading companies.
Special thanks to ML Engraving and Tim Jacobs for the engineering support.



Photographed by Gianni Diliberto
Images courtesy of Jeongwon Ji