Solar Ascent


Solar Ascent playfully explores kinetic actions to diffuse scent. Ordinary reed diffusers are static objects. Through studying flags in the wind, swinging pendulums and cogs, designer Lauren Davies of HEKA discovered more imaginative ways to disperse fragrances. Here, sunlight not only powers the rotating components but gently warms the diluted essential oils too. These are absorbed by silk, cotton and paper elements on turning brass rods that momentarily cross paths, harmoniously blending their scents and releasing them into the air.

_HEKA - Lauren DaviesHEKA
London, UK

HEKA* is a design studio and consultancy with a focus on wellbeing and sustainability founded by Lauren Davies. Inspired by the alchemy of nature, the studio takes a holistic approach to design. Health, beauty, food and fragrance are amongst the subjects explored in projects by HEKA. Design is used as a tool to create a playful dialogue about our relationship with nature, our daily rituals and what luxury means to us today. The Alchemist’s Dressing Table was nominated for Designs of the Year in 2014 and Lauren was named one of the design “stars of the future” by Observer Magazine in 2012. *In ancient Egypt, HEKA was the Egyptian God of Magic, associated with ritual, medicine and nature. ‘HE’ means ‘to activate’ and ‘KA’ means ‘the soul’.




Photography by Winter Vanderbrink