Shapes of Sounds

Thórunn Árnadóttir
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Toys with electronic sounds are usually plastic and made in China. Salvaging soundboards from broken toys, Icelandic designer Thórunn Árnadóttir built new cases for them using local materials: pinewood, aluminium and lava stone. The new toys’ shapes are very ambiguous until you start playing with them and hear their sounds. Pinewood cones will become a Christmas tree when stacked on top of each other and a Christmas song starts playing. An aluminium cylinder is a car when you roll it around and you hear a racing car’s noise. When you hear the elves giggle a lava stone cube turns into an ‘elf house’.

Miðvikudagurinn Þórunn Arnardóttir, vöruhönnuður Njálsgata 79Thórunn Árnadóttir
Reykjavík, Iceland

Thórunn Árnadóttir is an independent design professional based in Reykjavík. She works for clients as well as self-initiated projects. Thorunn’s multi-disciplinary work spans a host of different topics and techniques, driven by curiosity, experimentation and interest in various cultures, materials and processes. She is also the head designer and founder of PyroPet Candle Company, together with Dan Koval. Before graduating with MA in Design Products at Royal College of Art in 2011, she completed a BA in Product Design at Listaháskóli Íslands (Iceland Academy of the Arts) in Reykjavik in 2007.




Images courtesy of Thórunn Árnadóttir
Portait by Stefán Karlsson