Seaboard RISE

ROLI Seaboard RISE 49 + 25 Angle High Res

The Seaboard RISE is an award-winning musical instrument that lets people shape sound through touch. Modelled on the piano keyboard, it replaces black and white keys with a continuous surface of touch-sensitive “keywaves” made of soft, pliable silicone.

_ROLI Roland Lamb Series B High ResROLI
London, UK

ROLI is a London-based music creation startup. The Seaboard, ROLI’s revolutionary musical instrument, is part of a connected chain of hardware, software, social, and developer tools that all help people make music more expressively. Roland Lamb is founder and CEO of ROLI and the inventor of the Seaboard. A jazz pianist and student of comparative philosophy, he invented the Seaboard while studying at London’s Royal College of Art in 2009.





Images courtesy of ROLI