Milky Way

Silo Studio

Milky Way is a kinetic object inspired by optical experiments conducted by Man Ray and Marcel Duchamp, recorded in the film Anémic Cinéma (1926), in which discs printed with circular and abstract forms were rotated on spindles. Instead of printed graphics Silo have used layers of perforated steel mesh to create moiré effects that disrupt our perception of space and motion, giving the impression of an undulating optical space. The swing of the disc-shaped pendulum generates electromagnetic forces that drive the spinning motion.

_Silo Studio Portrait by Kat Green_W5A3252Silo Studio
London, UK

Silo is the UK based design studio formed in 2011 by Attua Aparicio and Oscar Wanless. Working in furniture, products and jewellery. Focused in the study through experimentation with industrial materials and processes aiming to adapt them to a more craft approach. Silo look at how industry makes things, trying to find a simpler and more expressive way, seeing new potential. Hand made-high tech.




Images courtesy of Silo Studio