Flex Shade

Yoav Reches + Nan Zhao
Flex Shade 2016 - detail_Yoav Reches

Flex Shade is a responsive light object created from a single flexible circuit board. Its design celebrates both hardware and software, and the physical and behavioural presence of electronic craft. A flex circuit is a laminate of multiple layers of copper and isolating substrate with micron level thickness. Normally flex circuits are hidden inside wearable electronics products, such as cameras and phones. With Flex Shade, the unique quality of this technology is presented in its bare state, as a carrier of electrical components, as well as a reflector and body of light. Flex shade is aware of its surrounding and expresses itself to connect to its environment and user. The project was realised with the great help of David Cranor.

_YoavReches by Timo WirschingYoav Reches
Cambridge, MA, United States

Yoav Reches studio is a design practice which explores the practical and conceptual applications of product design at the meeting point between material, technology and user needs. Yoav’s body of work spans across consumer products, furniture design, glass design, sculpture and time-based installations. Yoav is currently Formlabs lead product designer and Research Affiliate at the Responsive Environments Group at MIT Media Lab. He holds M.A from Royal College of Art, Design Products (2010), and received a B.A in Industrial Design from of the Bezalel Academy for Arts and Design, Jerusalem (2003).



_Nan Zhao bwNan Zhao
Cambridge, MA, United States
Nan Zhao is a PhD student at MIT Media Lab in the Responsive Environments Group, where she works on interfaces and devices that enable sustainable behaviour while also improving user experience and allow self-expression. Her work spans indoor lighting design to smart urban furniture, and borrows from a variety of fields, including psychology, sensor technologies, and wearable computing technology.





Images courtesy of Yoav Reches and Nan Zhao
Yoav’s portait is by Timo Wirsching