EPISODE 6 in The User Chronicles: Test Subjects

El Ultimo Grito

The User Chronicles presents a myth of ‘the User’, a universal citizen who will prompt the fall of consumer society, and ‘the glitch’, which is a window into the true nature of the system rather than a malfunction. ‘The User’ is ‘the glitch’, thus representing the dispossessed, the persecuted and the victims in our society.
Exploring different forms of cinematic narrative through an investigation into pre-cinematic devices and physical/spatial editing techniques, for this work El Ultimo Grito have produced one of their ‘real time cinema’ objects. The emphasis here is on the generation of a painterly image where background colours melt into traces of movement. 

el-ultimo-gritoEl Ultimo Grito

London, UK

Rosario Hurtado and Roberto Feo are the Post Disciplinary studio EL ULTIMO GRITO. Founded in 1997, their studio is currently based in London. El Ultimo Grito’s work continuously researches our relationships with objects and culture. The studio’s output is across a multitude of platforms for an range of international clients, museums and organizations including Magis, Lavazza, Matadero Madrid, Marks & Spencer, Figueras, UNO, LABORAL, Museo Nacional de Arte Reina Sofia, British Airways, Claudio Buziol Foundation, the Sorrell Foundation and Victoria & Albert Museum. Their work is in the permanent collections of MoMA in New York, Stedelijk in Amsterdam and the V&A in London.





Images courtesy of El Ultimo Grito