Studio Drift
dandelight A4 300dpi

Dandelight is a subtle and imaginative light, made of a real dandelion. These are picked in large numbers by hand every spring, and each seed is individually glued onto a LED, a labor-intensive process symbolising the fragility of life. The light can be understood as a clear statement about mass-production and our prevailing disposable culture. Do rapid technological developments really progress beyond the evolution of nature, of which the dandelion is such a symbolic and transitory example? Dandelight can be seen as an expression of a critical yet utopian vision of the future of our planet, where two seemingly contradictory trends will strike a pact to survive anyway.

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Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Studio Drift creates site-specific installations and interactive sculptures by playing with existing and new relationships between nature, technology and mankind. At first glance, the works seem to refer to familiar situations, but on further investigation, these references are brought into question. This places the viewer in an interesting position, reshaping how we relate to our environment and stimulating new ways of thinking.






Images courtesy of Studio Drift