Busby USB Lamp

Future Facility
future facility_ busby usb lamp

Modern lighting is no longer the subject of electricity, but of electronics. Printed circuit boards, microchips, diodes and interfaces now give us greater control, conserving energy and providing longer lifespans. This transformation is a chance to establish new possibilities for the meeting point between light and electronics.

Busby is an electronic lamp that provides intelligent, universal power from three USB outlets, detecting charging requirements and managing them at their fastest rate, however many variable devices are plugged in. It provides up to 3 amps of power, enough to charge the latest generation of laptop computers, and can be freestanding, wall-mountable, or built-in to a surface.

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London, UK

Future Facility gives form and context to ideas about the future at a time when networked technologies are reshaping the way we live and work. Future Facility joins the family of Sam Hecht & Kim Colin’s Industrial Facility, known for materialising ground-breaking projects. They lend Future Facility the skills to design a new world of intelligent products – both conceptual and real.







Images courtesy of Future Facility